• What We Do

    Social Founders connects, supports and promotes founders in the charity and social enterprise sectors. We are a global network supporting founders creating social impact.


    We provide a mix of practical and personal support, connections, events, stories, information and inspiration.


    We share stories across the media and other stakeholders, to inform and inspire wider audiences.


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    We connect and support Social Founders

    Together we can grow our impact

    We are a global network of founders across the charity, social enterprise, NGO, non-profit and community sectors.


    We support, resource and connect with each other online and face to face to grow our skills and impact, and to inspire current and future social founders.


    "The team helped Street Storage build a skeleton Strategy Plan for the coming 5 years, looking at different parts of the organisation, and providing in depth, useful and appropriate advice to a small charity like ours.

    I am much less overwhelmed by Strategic Planning as a result!

    A big thank you must go to the Social Founder Network for facilitating this and for always being an advocate for what we do. We are so grateful!”

    Rachel Woolf, Founder & Director, Street Storage charity.


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    We run networking events for Social Founders

    Our network provides inspiration, support and connections.

    We bring social founders together to share, learn, inspire, support and connect.

    We've held events in London, Tokyo, New Delhi, Madrid, Rome, Paris and Colombo and more.


    We held our Summer Forum again in London, in-personon 4th July, hosted by EY.


    Net Zero Champions

    October 2024: in-person, Central London: how best to access funding to drive the sustainability agenda in your organisation.

    Contact us to register interest.


    Local events

    Since 2022 we've been holding in-person local gatherings for Hackney-based social founders, building a model to replicate in other localities - read about our Hackney events, donors and speakers.


    Contact us if you're interested in us holding an event in your location.


    "I came to your event at the Good Market in Colombo and was delighted to connect with so many social founders I had never met before. It was fascinating and helpful, we had much in common, and much to share. And we'll continue to stay in touch with each other to build our impact across Sri Lanka's diverse communities. Thank you!"

    Fouzul Hameed, Founder, My Friend charity, & CEO Hameedia, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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    We share founder stories with wider audiences

    Stories are a driver for social change

    We tell the stories of social founders, providing information and inspiration to other founders, the media and wider audiences.


    Listen to 'Social Founder Stories', our inspirational podcasts with social founders to hear what makes social founders tick, how they create impact, scale their organisation, what they struggle with, and how they overcome their challenges.

    Be inspired by their drive, creativity, skills and resilience, as well as their impact stories.


    Read our blogs for thoughts, advice and musings from founders of charities and social enterprises.


    Check out our Founder Gallery to read about, and connect with, just a few of our network, and some of those that came before us.


    Contact us if you are a social founder with a story to share, or know of a founder who has inspired you.

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