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    Josie Naughton, CEO & Co-Founder, Help Refugees and Change Love

    Looking back on it now, we were utterly crazy,” says Josie!

    The story of how Founder CEO Josie Naughton ‘accidentally’ launched and grew the charity Help Refugees and its iconic brand Choose Love to become the largest grassroots distributor of aid in Europe is fascinating and inspirational. And it all happened incredibly quickly.

    In this in-depth interview we hear Josie’s personal founder story, the challenges and tough times, as well as the impact and successes. She tells us about the key stages she and her team went through to enable rapid growth; the logistics of delivering food and shelter to refugee camps across Europe, raising millions in donations, ensuring due diligence, working with partners, changing attitudes and UK laws.

    We also hear how their Choose Love T-shirts, shop and campaigns have mobilised awareness and funds, supported by celebrities from the fashion and music industry.

    Josie covers so much in this interview, it’s a fascinating listen.


    Follow Help Refugees:

    Twitter: @chooselove

    Instagram: @chooselove

    Facebook: @ChooseLove


    And if you can please donate to Help Refugees & Choose Love here


    Josie highlighted two organisations in her interview:

    Prism the Gift Fund

    Leigh Day, the law firm.

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