• Who We Are

    We are a network of catalysts, change-makers and entrepreneurs - founders of social enterprises and charities across localities, countries and continents. We have a passion to create positive change, to innovate, and to harness other people's desire for change.


    The Social Founder Network was set up in 2017 by Caroline Diehl MBE, founder, and until 2017 CEO, of the Media Trust and Together TV. Our network includes over 2,000 founders from large and small charities, social enterprises, foundations and community organisations. Originally set up in the UK, we have grown our network, and events, in different countries and continents. In 2022 we launched and piloted our first 'deep dive' local group - Hackney Social Founders, in East London.


    We come from a mix of backgrounds, ages, experience and interests - we share in common our founder stories, passions and experiences - the good and the bad, the successes and failures, the laughter and the tears.


    We connect back to the powerful social founders of the past, and forward to future social founders, young and old.


    In 2023 Caroline set up a Community Interest Company 'Social Impact Projects CIC' to support and house the Social Founder Network. The new CIC is a UK-registered Company Limited by Guarantee, with an asset lock built into its governance structure. The founding company directors of Social Impact Projects CIC are Caroline and Marion Janner OBE. Marion is also an experienced social entrepreneur, founder of Star Wards and Bright, and passionate about social impact. Marion has been an active member of Social Founders since our launch in 2017.

  • Setting up the Social Founder Network

    Caroline Diehl set up the Social Founder Network in 2017, after stepping down as

    Founder CEO of Media Trust and becoming Executive Chair of Together TV

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    Caroline Diehl MBE

    "Creating a network of social founders is a joy, and an exciting new challenge. I want to see social founders thrive, and be celebrated. I find their stories inspirational. As founder CEO of the Media Trust and Together TV - the UK television channel (The Community Channel), and a founder trustee of the Small Charities Coalition, I know well both the challenges and rewards of being a founder in the social impact sector. "

    Caroline Diehl MBE, Founder of the Social Founder Network, Media Trust and Together TV


    Caroline founded the Media Trust in 1994, and the Community Channel (now called Together TV) in 2000. Caroline was Chief Executive of both organisations until 2017, and Executive Chair at Together TV from 2016 to 2022, after the channel relaunched in 2016 as a charitable Community Benefit Society - the world's first community-owned national TV channel.


    Caroline lives in London, and is an Entrepreneur in Residence at INSEAD, a Churchill Fellow and a Governor of the East London NHS Foundation Trust. She set up the Social Founder Network in July 2017.

    Contact Caroline at caroline@socialfounder.org or on LinkedIn.

    Read Caroline's blog about why she set up Social Founders.