• Refugee Week: Featured Social Founders

    Below we celebrate some inspiring founders of organisations supporting refugees.


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    Josie Naughton, Co-Founder & CEO, Help Refugees & Choose Love


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    Zufi Deo

    BizGees, Global

    Zufi Deo is the inspiring co-founder of BizGees, a group of professionals using their commercial expertise to support the development of startups by refugee entrepreneurs in exciting and innovative ways. BizGees provides seed capital as well as training, credit history and ongoing support for low-income refugee communities.

    Vivienne Francis

    The Refugee Journalism Project, UK

    Vivienne Francis founded The Refugee Journalism Project to support refugee and exiled journalists to re-start their careers in the UK. These journalists arrive in the UK with an impressive range of skills – many have been editors, correspondents and producers in their own countries – but they face significant barriers when they attempt to continue their journalism. The project is a collaboration between the London College of Communication and the Migrants Resource Centre.

    Revd. Dr. Inderjit Boghal OBE

    City of Sanctuary, UK

    A leading theologian and Methodist Minister, Revd. Bhogal is founder and President of the rapidly-growing City of Sanctuary movement. City of Sanctuary began in 2005 with a vision for the UK to become a welcoming and safe place for people fleeing violence and persecution. Today, over 100 groups around the UK have joined the movement and declared their cities and towns a place of sanctuary.

    Revd. Colin Hodgetts MBE

    Refugee Action, UK

    In 1981, Colin Hodgetts created 14 reception centres for the first of 15,000 Vietnamese refugees who were being resettled in Britain- the first project of the organisation he founded, Refugee Action. Since then, Refugee Action has provided housing, legal and employment advice services; delivered youth programmes and campaigns against misinformation, asylum poverty, and discrimination against LGBT asylum seekers; conducted critical research into the lives of refugees in the UK; and helped refugees establish and run community groups.

    Natasha Walter

    Women for Refugee Women, UK

    Natasha Walter founded Women for Refugee Women with a vision of a society in which women’s human rights are respected and in which they are safe from persecution. Women for Refugee Women challenges the injustices experienced by women who seek asylum in the UK by empowering them to speak out about their own experiences to the media, to policy-makers and at public events. It works with the arts, media, and public events to tell women’s stories; and by publishing critical research.

  • Meet some of our network in Sri Lanka

    In July 2018 we launched the Social Founder Network in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

    Read about some of our Sri Lankan founder below. Find out about more in our Founders Gallery 

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    Rosanna Flamer-Caldera

    Equal Ground, Sri Lanka

    Founded by Rosanna in 2004, Equal Ground is the only organisation in Sri Lanka actively fighting for equal rights for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Questioning (LGBTIQ) community.

    Achala Samaradivakara

    The Good Market, Sri Lanka

    Achala is Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Good Market, a social enterprise that sources organic, craft, rural and environmental produce to sell in Colombo and online.

    Visaka Dharmadasa

    Association of War Affected Women, Sri Lanka

    Visaka founded the Association of War Affected Women in 2000, after her son was reported Missing in Action during the Sri Lankan civil war.

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  • Divya Marie Kato: The Big Draw Japan

    Divya Marie Kato

    Divya Marie Kato

    Founder: When in Doubt, Draw; The Big Draw Japan; Art for Hope

    "If I didn’t have access to art in my formative years, life would’ve turned out differently,” says Paris-born, Tokyo-based, British Indian artist and educator, Divya Marie Kato. “My sketchbook was a constant companion through my parents' separation, the resulting bankruptcy, repossession of our home and my mother's cancer treatment. Drawing and painting allowed me to express what I didn't have words for. Art was something to look forward to and taught me that my inner resources were the most valuable thing I had.”

  • Michelle Morgan, Founder of Pjoys and Co-Founder of Livity

    Michelle Morgan, Founder of Pjoys, and Co-Founder of Livity,

    spoke at our November Social Founder Forum.

    Read about Michelle's story below.

    Read about our November Forum here.

    Michelle Morgan

    Pjoys and Livity, UK

    Michelle Morgan, is the Founder of Pjoys, using creative designer pyjamas as the Trojan Horse to provide positive hopeful messages of mental health. She is also Co-Founder of Livity, the award-winning youth marketing agency.


    "Suddenly I found myself at the crossroads of where Brilliance Meets Madness," said Michelle Morgan during her talk at our recent Social Founder Network Breakfast Forum. Michelle went on to tell us about how her her new venture Pjoys was born out of her very real and painful experience of founder burnout.

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